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Why Buroteck ?

Our 15 years in making smart workstations and active comfort desks, is the main reason of our ability in providing the business communities in UAE and Dubai with active comfort workplace desk designs and solutions such as : Stand-up desk and height adjustable desk; Modular meeting tables and training rooms, security desk, broadcast and control rooms, home office , gaming stations ergonomic chairs ...Also technical furniture ergonomically designed and supported by certified products to meet the highest quality standards. The materials we use offer full capabilities to customize and originate unique table and desks designs. our standing-desks and console furniture are steady with heavy duty platforms as well as functional, and highly integrated with technology.

why to choose Buroteck ?


About Buroteck

Buroteck is focused on providing desk and workplace users with active comfort and ergonomic workplace furniture and setups, Also specialized in making smart workplaces ergonomically designed and highly integrated with technology such as, standing-desks; trading desk; trading consoles; security desk; multi-display workstations; conferencing tables; stand up meeting tables; training rooms; gaming consoles; ergonomic desks; ergonomic workstation; Monitor display solutions; articulated monitor arms; foot rest and many advanced workplace supporting tools in the GCC- UAE-Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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