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What is  an active workstation & how can we achieve active comfort movement while we are sitting behind our workstation?

Our working posture is  dictated by the technological tools and workplace furniture where our body interacts every day such as :The desk or table, office chair, computer monitor, laptop and screen….

Also The position and distance of those tools can be a good indicator and can determine how well and preventive is our working posture or not… stand-up-desk-dubai

Active Working  is a simple process or a discipline that allows the human body to perform  a healthy task behind the workstation. It is basically all about enhancing body movements .This can be easily achieved by adding  active comfort working tools  ergonomically designed to help  human body move easily and interact with the keyboard and computer screen at a lower risk while working .



Some of the major components of an active comfort workplace is the sit-stand desk known as the height adjustable desk allows the users to simply lift their workplace and benefit from standing and working at the same time. This act is one of the most important factors in what we call the liberty to move at work.

Nevertheless, the need to an active comfort chair easy to adjust with active comfort working tools is also so important since it is essential yet recommended by physio therapists … Shifting from the sitting mode into the standing mode regularly for a period of 15 to 20 minutes

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