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Control desk

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We can provide a wide range of console tables and state of the art desking solutions for TV, studios, post production , radio and broadcast related facilities.
Our advanced designs and state of the art furniture accessories and components are extremely up to date and flexible and can be upgraded in the future in case of function change and renewal. Our technical furniture is carefully design and modular in a way that can be connected in different parts and can be dismantled at modified an any time.



With extensive experience in design and installation, understanding of studio ergonomics and both operator and client requirements, we create innovative and highly durable solutions using the latest high quality materials.
Designs can be based on briefs provided by clients, however we always tend to educates and nurture or customer with solutions that can add value and better function the there work place. Our design and creative will consult with you by listing to your needs and shall workable technical furniture designs, Space planning.
Aside from to custom made workstation we also have the our modular benching and case goods for your workplace solutions and furniture specifically designed for Broadcast.

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