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Adjust your desk height automatically and raise it from as low as 68 Cm up to 130 Cm by a single switch!! “Our smart sit-stand desks and platform meets TUV standards and  are specially designed to provide Maximum flexibility level to the users in different height for sit or stand positions, motorized height adjustable desk for standing and sitting position, table top or desk are ergonomically designed for better  working experience and preventive working posture using various shapes and materials to suit your needs.Our electrically motorized height adjustable desks Prices starts from as low as 3900 AED including delivery and installation in UAE- Dubai .With a delivery time frame of approx lead time starting from 3 to 4 working days only !!Adjust Standing Electric Height Adjustable Workstation – Adjustable Height Desks, Sit to stand Up Desks and height adjustable desks are often considered as contributing to improved productivity of employees  health at the workplace..

With over 10 years of experience supporting workplace design, Buroteck Dubai brought and developed adjust standing electric height adjustable workstations to:

-Offer sit-to-stand function workstation and  TUV certified

-Allow full-depth storage pedestal or LCD monitor mounting at anywhere under the work surface to support different work styles and arrangements.

-Allows future flexibility by reconfiguration or expansion

-Adding the anti collusion Safety Feature with weight  lifting capacity starting form 80 Kg!

Adjust standing offers infinite potential for office worker to be comfortable motivated and productive, customers to design their own workstations.

Or they can simply select one of our standard rectangular factory finished desk deign with advanced durability and quality finishing material.


Here is what makes adjust standing different

-65 cm to 130 cm” sit-to-stand height range exceeds TUV standards and ISO Norms, fitting nearly everyone.

-Two, Single or four-leg frames support freestanding corners, returns, “L”, and “U” workstations for any application.
-Frames are flexible and can be extended with width from 140 cm ” to 200 cm ” offers unmatched design flexibility.
-Absence of lower cross bar eliminates interference with operator leg room, files pedestals, allows for access from both sides and makes a desk more wheelchairs accessible.

-Available in 90°, 120° and custom angle configurations for unaesthetic and not well spaced planned  or shaped rooms or correspond to panel systems layouts
-Available as frames used under customers’ existing work surfaces to reduce costs and recycled reusable tops.
-Standard and Heavy-Duty lifting capacities to handle normal office and extra heavy equipment loads up to 150 kg.
-Standard Work surfaces made of 25 mm MFC melamine face particle board with 2 mm flat PVC Protective Edge the corner can be curved to provide ergonomically designed  radius and corners.
-Standard work surface depths of 60 cm and 80 cm  depth that support conventional work surfaces as well as connecting counters, drafting tables , home office and managerial desks.
-Easy to reallocate, reconfigure, rebuild and move – create new workstations by adding a new differently sized work surface and upper crossbar.
-Work surfaces are designed and provided with one wire management.
-Standard up-down switch or display, optional programmable and digital display switches.
-Height range can be factory pre-programmed with upper or lower limits.
-Black and silver frames in stock; aluminum frame finish or other colors available in 6 to 8 weeks.
-Optional horizontal and vertical wire management available

-Optional power socket and cable management with free grommet holes covers for standard applications
-Assembled with simple tools and Buroteck Lifetime limited Warranty

Delivery and installation in or outside the UAE-Dubai:

This item includes Free delivery and installation in the UAE -Dubai  If the item is going to be shipped outside of the UAE or other neighboring GCC countries, Contact us at +971 4 4534118 for additional shipping cost and logistics information.









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